1. French letter 95 – Herbs
  2. Anchor Me (2005 Greenpeace remake of 1994 Mutton Birds version)
  3. Nuclear Free Nation / Motu Karihi Kau (CD/DVD) – with classroom discussion topics
    1. Produced by Handmade Records / Disarmament & Security Centre, 2007
    2. Should be in most school libraries
    3. Compilation album and music videos, with interactive DVD. Should be in most school libraries. Artists include: Shapeshifter, TrinityRoots, Anika Moa, Ladi6, Hollie Smith, Katchafire, Dubwize, Fitchie and Dukie (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Ariana Tikao, Herbs, Don McGlashan, Shona Laing, Ben Throp, Huia, The Mamaku Project, Chong-Nee, Benny Tones…
  4. Send the boats away, compilation album, NZ, 1986


  1. David Robie interview – RNZ, 2015
    1. Interview with former Greenpeace photographer, now AUT Prof. of Journalism
    2. From 8m 20s – 22m 40s of link above
  2. “The Rainbow Warrior affair – what’s that?” – RNZ, 2015
    1. Interview with Amelie David, a French journalist visiting NZ in 2015.
  3. Discussion with three New Zealand nuclear disarmament experts – Dr. Kate Dewes, Natasha Barnes and Dr. Kennedy Graham. Interview aired on  Plain’s FM (Christchurch) May 17th, 2017.

    The three participants discuss how the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Act came about, it’s significance today thirty years on, the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone and the importance of the upcoming nuclear weapons Ban Treaty – and more!

    The show is now available as a podcast, either from

0m 58s – 8m 20s of the recording