Media coverage of the 30th Anniversary, the Ban Treaty and related events:

30th Anniversary and related events


Countries stand together in stance against nuclear violence

Kiwi to help negotiate United Nations nuclear arms ban

Christchurch nuclear weapons activists head to UN

Waiheke Resident Fighting for Humanity

TimaruRocks’ symbol of peace thanks those who made NZ nuclear free

Editorial: Rainbow Warriors’ dream of nuclear free world still way off


New Zealand 30 years officially nuclear-free


Green Party works for a world without nuclear weapons

30th Anniversary of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Nuclear-Free Zone

Greenpeace launches new educational website on anniversary of Rainbow Warrior Bombing


Tackling the threat of nuclear weapons

New Zealand 30 years nuclear-free today

NZ NewsWire:

Nuclear-free New Zealand turns 30

Asia Pacific Report:

Ban the Bomb – How NZ’s ordinary ‘Davids’ checked the nuclear Goliaths


Kiwis who fought for NZ’s nuclear free status reflect on anniversary


30 years nuclear-free New Zealand

Parliamentary Motion:


The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has opened for signature! Read the media coverage below:

Scoop Politics: NZ among first states to sign nuclear ban treaty tonight

Scoop Politics: Nuclear Ban treaty adopted: NZ plays a leading role

Radio NZ: Marshall Islands reminds UN of nuclear horror

Radio NZ: Pacific leaders join call for a world free of nuclear weapons New treaty banning nuclear weapons signed at UN but the countries that matter boycott it

The Japan Times: 50 signatories ink U.N. nuclear ban treaty opposed by major powers

The Guardian: No more nukes? Why anti-nuclear protests need an urgent revival

Power to Persuade: Why the treaty banning nuclear weapons is important and how it can be used – part 2


The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is adopted! Read the media coverage below:

Scoop Politics: Nuclear ban treaty adopted: NZ plays a leading role 

The New York Times: A Treaty is reached to ban nuclear arms. Now comes the hard part.

Harvard Kennedy School – Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs: Reactions to the UN Ban Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Politico: Nuclear powers rebuked as 122 nation adopt U.N. ban

Time: More than 120 countries to adopt the first-ever U.N. treaty banning nuclear weapons

The Independent: Atom bomb survivors in Japan welcome UN Resolution on nuclear weapons

Telesur TV: Japan’s Hibakusha, atomic bomb survivors, welcome UN anti-nuclear treaty


News and Stories about the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty 

Modern Diplomacy: 2017: The year in which nuclear weapons could be banned?

The New Zealand Herald: Let’s Pledge to Ban Nuclear Weapons

The Washington Post: Nuclear weapons don’t belong in any nation’s arsenal 

The Bulletin: The ban treaty – a big nuclear-weapon-free zone?

The Sun Journal: Making a move toward a safer world

Global News Canada: Over 100 activist form giant peace symbol in ‘Ban the Bomb’ protests at B.C legislature

Human Rights @ Harvard Law: Addressing human and environmental impacts of nuclear weapons in ban treaty

Future of Life: Support grows for U.N. nuclear weapons ban

The HuffingtonPost: 

Australia: It’s time to ban nuclear weapons for good

The U.S: Over 120 nations at the UN are about to ban nuclear weapons

The Japan Times:

A-bomb survivors press for nuclear weapons ban, to make Nagasaki nuclear bombing world’s last

Nuclear weapons ban treaty likely to be adopted this week at U.N.

The Mainichi:

Revised draft nuke ban treaty retains reference to ‘Hibakusha

Final draft of nukes ban treaty circulated, adoption expected Fri.

A-bomb survivor gives powerful speech after anti-nuke treaty adopted at U.N.

Nagoya man reflects on nuclear weapons ban petition he wrote as a teen 70 years ago

Hiroshima peace activist vows to continue nuke ban campaign after UN treaty adoption

UN News Center:

Women scientists and youth take centre stage at UN-backed technology forum

At Vienna forum, young people raise their voices for world free of nuclear weapons

High-level signature ceremony for the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons

US Ship Visits to New Zealand

NZ Herald: United Stated States Ship to Visit NZ for the first time in 33 Years

Stuff: United States naval ship to visit NZ

Time: New Zealand invite to US navy marks end to nuclear stalemate

North Korea

The New York Times: What One Photo Tells Us About North Korea’s Nuclear Program

The Los Angeles Times: By testing a missile, North Korea was probably also testing Trump, experts say

The New Zealand Herald: Missile tests add pressure on Trump over North Korea

Nuclear Weapons over the World 

The New York Times: The Finger on The Nuclear Button (Editorial)

The Guardian: Stockpiles of nuclear weapons around the world – in data

Reuters: Nuclear ‘doomsday clock’ ticks closest to midnight in 64 years