Text sources

  1. Back from the Brink: The Creation of a Nuclear Free NZ, by Kevin Clements
    1. E-book, 2015 (original pub. 1988)
    2. Detailed history of change in NZ nuclear policy
  2. Peace, Power and Politics: How NZ Became Nuclear Free, by Maire Leadbeater.
  3. “Nuclear Weapons in New Zealand History”, by Lyndon Burford
    1. Excerpt from PhD thesis, ‘National Identity and Nuclear Disarmament Advocacy by Canada and New Zealand’ (University of Auckland, 2016).
  4. Eyes of Fire: Last Voyage of the Rainbow Warrior, by David Robie
    1. Photo essay – the last 5 months of the first Rainbow Warrior’s trip through the Pacific.
    2. Should be in most school libraries. 5th edition published in 2015.
  5. Nuclear Free Nation / Motu Karihi Kau
    1. Published by the Disarmament & Security Centre, Christchurch, 2007, 11 pp.
    2. Free teachers’ resource: wide range of questions/discussion starters and model answers on nuclear issues and NZ policy, eg.:
      1. What does the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Act prohibit?
      2. The Campaign for Nuclear Free Legislation in New Zealand
      3. The Rainbow Warrior
      4. The World Court Project (challenging the bomb in the world’s highest court)
  6. Tau Te Mauri: Breath of Peace, Teacher’s resource booklet produced by Disarmament & Security Centre
    1. Designed for use with the documentary film, Tau te Mauri: Breath of Peace
    2. Highlights relevant NCEA Achievement Standards in different subject areas
  7. Pacific Women Speak Out for Independence and Denuclearisation
    1. E-Book, published 1998 by the Disarmament & Security Centre, NZ, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (Aust.), and Pacific Connections (Aust.)
    2. 11 short chapters by indigenous Pacific women from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Australia, Belau (Palau), Bougainville, East Timor, Ka Pae’aina (Hawai’i), Marshall Islands, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia) and West Papua (Irian Jaya).
  8. The Rainbow Warrior Affair 1985-89,” by Stephen Hoadley
    1. Chapter from the book, New Zealand and France, 2005).
  9. Can a ban treaty speed the abolition of nuclear weapons?
    1. Online roundtable, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Dec 2016-Feb 2017
  10. Peace Squadron – The sharp end of nuclear protest in New Zealand
    1. Book, 1986, by Tom Newnham, published by Graphic Publications
  11. Aotearoa/New Zealand at the World Court.
    1. By Kate Dewes and Robert Green.
    2. Published by the Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch NZ.
  12. Still Crazy after all these Years.
    1. Greenpeace, 2005.
  13. A Beret, a Bottle of Beaujolais and a Baguette.
    1. Greenpeace, 2005.
  14. Anti-Nuclear New Zealand: A report on the decline of anti-nuclear sentiment within the New Zealand public national identity

    1. By Alex Boyd, Masters student at University of Auckland, Public Policy. Research intern at PF.