1. Nuclear Reaction
    1. Doco, NZ 1995, 52m – FREE ONLINE
    2. Excellent summary of the history of NZ’s nuclear policies from 1945-1995
    3. George Andrews Productions
  2. Tau Te Mauri: Breath of Peace (doco, NZ, 2005, 72m)
    1. With teacher’s resource booklet highlighting relevant NCEA Achievement Standards
    2. *Should be in all secondary school libraries
  3. Hotu Painu
    1. Doco, NZ, 1988, 52m – FREE ONLINE
  4. Peter Willcox Interview
    1. 2m 35s – produced by Greenpeace
    2. Peter was the captain of the Rainbow Warrior when it was bombed in 1985. He talks about the experience of living through the bombing.
  5. If you love this planet
    1. Doco, Canada, 1982, 26 min – featuring Helen Caldicott
    2. Oscar for best documentary short film 1983
    3. A confronting account from a medical doctor of the effects of nuclear weapons
  6. Rainbow Warrior bomber’s apology echoes around the world TVNZ interview, 2015 (22 min)
    1. 30 years later, a French agent who participated in the bombing comes clean.
  7. Departure and Return
    1. Doco, 2006, NZ, 64 mins, by Claudia Pond Eyley
    2. History of the original Rainbow Warrior
  8. No Nukes is Good Nukes
    1. Doco, 2007, NZ, 50 mins, by Claudia Pond Eyley
    2. The grassroots nuclear free movement in New Zealand
  9. Tea, Scones and Nuclear Disarmament
    1. Doco, NZ, 2009, by Susi Newborn and Claudia Pond Eyley
    2. A tribute to two 90 year old peace activists from Waiheke Island who have campaigned for nuclear disarmament since 1984.
  10. The Man Who Saved the World (trailer)
    1. Docu-drama, 2014, 1h 50m, with Kevin Costner, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro
    2. IMDB: “Few people know of him… Yet hundreds of millions of people are alive because of him. The actions of Stanislav Petrov, a retired Soviet military officer, prevented the start of a worldwide nuclear war and the devastation of much of the Earth.
  11. Morality of Argument – Sustaining a state of being nuclear free

    1. Doco, 2010, 1h 39m, Director/Producer: Selwyn Manning – FREE ONLINE
  12. Auckland Peace City Celebration of Nuclear Free New Zealand This video records the public celebration of the Auckland Council Declaration as a Peace City on 8/9th June 2012 in Aotea Square. – FREE ONLINE
  13. Prof. Treasa Dunworth speaks the Nuclear Ban Treaty This video records Prof. Treasa’s Dunworth lecture on the negotiations on the Nuclear Ban Treaty. She provides an insightful overview on the events, legal process, and the value of the treaty.  – FREE ONLINE