1. NTI Educational Materials – Educational materials on Nuclear Weapons, other WMD and non-proliferation
  2. Nuclear-free New Zealand – NZ Ministry for Culture and Heritage
  3. Eyes of Fire: Thirty Years On – by David Robie
    1. Background to Pacific testing, decolonisation movement, Rainbow Warrior etc.
  4. Disarmament & Security Centre, Christchurch
    1. Run by Dr Kate Dewes and Cmdr Rob Green (Royal Navy, Retd); extensive collection of papers and e-books on wide range of NZ and nuclear disarmament-related materials. See books / interviews / publications / resources pages
  5. Nuclear Free NZ ‘Webquests’, by the United Nations Association of New Zealand
    1. What is the World Court? by Julie Reason. Your Challenge: Research the origins and purpose of the World Court, and learn how New Zealand’s identity as a country was transformed in the years after it asked the Court to help ban nuclear weapons testing.
    2. Disarmament and the Breath of Peace, by Julie Reason. Your Challenge: Discover the  pioneering  role New Zealanders played in achieving a ban on nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific, and follow the momentous and inspiring journey that led to New Zealand declaring itself a nuclear-free country. Learn about the heroic roles played by the CND, Greenpeace and others in forcing the world to listen to their message of peace. Using this knowledge, decide on a worthy cause of your own and engage your wider community in helping achieve your goals.
  6. Global Nuclear Arsenal — interactive “Nuclear Notebook”
    1. Visual, interactive tool breaks down global nuclear weapons numbers by year and country. Published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  7. Nukemap
    1. Preview the extent of destruction (fireball/blast radius, pressure, radiation fallout) caused by nuclear explosion anywhere in the world, by selecting the location on a map.
  8. ICAN Aotearoa New Zealand’s website : forum, updates and resource on nuclear disarmament and the Ban Treaty